In a planning gap? What you can do!

So you’ve been engaged for a few months now. The date is set, you’ve picked the venue, decided on colors, and you know the overall look you’re going for. You’re moving right along! But what do you do if you’re still over 6 months away from the big day? Do you continue full steam ahead or take a little break? Here’s a couple suggestions for you:

1. Work on the dreaded but necessary guest list. Around 4-6 months from the wedding date you’ll probably want to send save-the-dates. And trust me, there is nothing more stressful than finalizing the guest list just a few weeks before invitations need to be sent. If you have the time, work on it!

2. Do some research and have some fun! If you haven’t found your dress yet, take the time to visit a few different shops and look up sample sales. Maybe even make a fun trip out of it and go to a fun city to visit larger shops. And we all know how fun taste-testing can be. Use this time to schedule a few different taste testings to figure out exactly what you’re wanting. You can also use this time to shop around for wedding décor! You can get some great ideas at bridal shows, many of which happen at the beginning of the year. A great one to attend is the Pink Bridal Show. These take place throughout the state in January and are a great place to get your creative juices flowing and make some connections. You can also score some wonderful deals on photography, wedding coordinators, and rentals.

The awesome thing about having time to plan is being able to take time to plan. You won’t have to be pressured into a decision just because you’re in a time crunch. Spread out the big to-dos so you aren’t as stressed the closer you get to the wedding. And as always, contact me if you need some guidance. Happy Holidays!