Why do I do it?

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about why I want to start this business and what I get from it. What is it that drives me? Why am I willing to sacrifice time with my family on the weekends for weddings?

I’m doing it because I believe marriage is important. Bringing two people together and having them make a commitment to each other before God, family and friends is one of the most important things you will do in life. You are vowing to love and honor each other for life; to be faithful, respectful and obedient and to fight for the marriage no matter what hardships you face.

As a couple prepares for marriage, that is what they need to have in mind. They don’t need to be worrying about flower arrangements and table clothes. That is where I come in. Relationships fall apart when you lose sight of what is important. A wedding is a big celebration, marking the beginning of two lives becoming one. I want my brides and grooms to have fun and enjoy their planning process, but to keep sight of what’s important: At the end of the day, you’re husband and wife.

On that note, happy (almost) 20 year anniversary to my parents! I love you both so much.


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