Research-Who Has the Time?

This past weekend, thousands upon thousands of people got engaged! Yay for Valentine’s Day! So many new brides and grooms are about to start their wedding planning journey, but they have no idea where to start! Some just don’t have the time to weed through the endless options for vendors.

No worries, friends! Z Studio is here to help. We are so happy to introduce or new Research Package. We will do all the work for you. Simply give us your budget and some key wedding details, and we will give you 2-3 vendor options in each category that will fit your budget.

We can also pair this with our day-of coordinating for a discount! Contact us today for pricing and to get started on planning your dream wedding.


Turning Dreams into Goals

While running errands this morning I saw the cutest little sign that read, “A goal is just a dream with a deadline,” and it got me thinking about a particular dream I’ve been focusing on a lot the past couple weeks.

Y’all should know this about me: I have lots of dreams, and they’re usually huge. Most of them I don’t act on, but every now and then there’s one I’m very attached to. Z Studio was one of them and it’s slowly growing and getting busier! This new dream of mine goes hand-in-hand with Z Studio: I want to own my own venue.

Whew. That feels great to share! My husband tells me I get a little ahead of myself sometimes, but I’ve found that if I share the dreams I’m really passionate about, then I can’t talk myself out of pursuing them. I have to chase them and make them a reality. This dream will stay a dateless goal for a little while, until we can work out a few major details, but hopefully one day soon I can share some good news with everyone! A year from now, five years from now-who knows! But one day I hope to make it happen.

Side note: Thank you to my supportive husband who lets me dream big but keeps me realistic. You’re the best.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Keep dreaming.