Turning Dreams into Goals

While running errands this morning I saw the cutest little sign that read, “A goal is just a dream with a deadline,” and it got me thinking about a particular dream I’ve been focusing on a lot the past couple weeks.

Y’all should know this about me: I have lots of dreams, and they’re usually huge. Most of them I don’t act on, but every now and then there’s one I’m very attached to. Z Studio was one of them and it’s slowly growing and getting busier! This new dream of mine goes hand-in-hand with Z Studio: I want to own my own venue.

Whew. That feels great to share! My husband tells me I get a little ahead of myself sometimes, but I’ve found that if I share the dreams I’m really passionate about, then I can’t talk myself out of pursuing them. I have to chase them and make them a reality. This dream will stay a dateless goal for a little while, until we can work out a few major details, but hopefully one day soon I can share some good news with everyone! A year from now, five years from now-who knows! But one day I hope to make it happen.

Side note: Thank you to my supportive husband who lets me dream big but keeps me realistic. You’re the best.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Keep dreaming.



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