Hiring a Wedding Coordinator Can Save You Money

I’ve always been involved in event planning. I love it: watching all the details come together, working with all the vendors to achieve something, tackling problems as they arrive, and oddly enough I love cleaning up and breaking everything down after a long day. I made the switch to wedding planning, though, after my wedding. I learned a lot from my mistakes, and I wanted to make sure no other brides had the same amount of stress I did and didn’t make the same mistakes.

So often I hear brides say they can’t afford a coordinator, but I don’t think they know how affordable a day-of coordinator is and how much they could save you! For example: my venue let us in at whatever time we wanted to be there, but we had to pay per hour fees for the sound and light engineer and other staff that had to be there. We chose to be let in at 8 a.m. so my mom and I could decorate and still leave me plenty of time for hair and make up. However, by doing this, we ended up paying an extra $1,000 because we arrived so early!! In hindsight, we could have spent $300-400 on a day-of coordinator who could have set everything up in much smaller window of time (it usually takes me 4 to 6 hours to set up for example) and saved $600-700.

Hiring a day-of coordinator also could have helped me with the timing and all the hiccups that popped up. For instance, when the flowers weren’t cut the right length, my maid-of-honor had to cut all the stems while I got my hair done. The coordinator could have noticed that my cake wasn’t exactly what I ordered/had in mind, and she also could have made sure everyone got down the aisle at the right time. Ultimately, my family and I could have relaxed a little more and enjoyed every aspect.

I had a lot of pride in planning my wedding and wasn’t willing to accept the fact that I needed help! Weddings are so personal and they’re a special moment that a lot of women dream about their entire lives! There’s an attachment to it, but I want brides to understand that we are here to help. My goal is to make your dreams a reality and to let you enjoy every single aspect of your day. If this post can help one bride realize the benefit of hiring a coordinator for their wedding day, then I will feel like I’ve made a difference.

Contact me today for a quote. We have a variety of packages to help for any stage of planning.


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