A Baby Shower Proposal

This past weekend I had the pleasure of hosting a baby shower with one of my best friends. We might as well call her my sister. Our brother Marvin is expecting his first child in February and the moment we found out, Shanise and I began planning the soccer-themed shower. We hit the Pinterest boards hard for inspiration and I am so pleased with how it all turned out. I’m trying to hunt down better pictures (how I managed to not taking any is beyond me), but here’s one of the food set-up:

The yummy spread!

Guests were well-fed with pimento cheese and chicken salad sandwiches, home made egg rolls, buffalo chicken wraps, popcorn, rice krispies, and cupcakes.

The soccer ball rice krispie treats were a hit, as were the delicious cupcakes made by Erica Swafford.

The soccer ball rice krispie treats were a hit, as were the delicious cupcakes made by Erica Swafford.

For this shower, Amazon was our friend. It’s my go-to for plates and napkins, but I also found tiny plastic babies for the popular “My water broke!” game and this great vinyl table cloth that looks like a grass field. I was also slightly obsessed with the favors: chocolate covered Oreos decorated like soccer balls. These details take time, but make such a difference!

This baby shower had an unexpected ending, though. Just a few days before, I received a call letting me know that Marvin would be proposing!!! He had an idea of how he wanted to do it; he just needed a little help tying it all together and making sure it stayed a surprise. When Marvin and Mylita had finished opening all their presents, Shanise and I wrapped up a couple games. Everyone was preoccupied which gave Marvin the perfect opportunity to sneak away and grab the ring. When we finished, Shanise just so happened to find one last gift that had been misplaced. When Mylita realized the unsigned card was from Marvin, he got down on one knee and made it official!

We are so excited for this sweet family, and ask for your prayers while Marvin is deployed. That’s right, folks. This soon-to-be dad and husband just began a year long deployment. We will be keeping ourselves busy planning a wedding!