#howheasked: Shanise + Jake

This next proposal is near and dear to my heart. My absolute best friend in this world got engaged and gets to continue our #howheasked holiday series!

I remember the first time Shanise told me about this guy at the gym she had a crush on. Fast forward 4 years and I knew from conversations that I had with her that a proposal would be happening soon (as in the next year). So one day, I dragged her into a jewelry store so I knew what kind of ring she would want in case Jake called me. She fell in love with one particular one and I knew Jake has to see it. I’ll let Shanise take over with this sassy story.

December 20, 2015 will now be a day we will remember for the rest of our lives. Once a month for about a year now, we plan a “date day” which means one person gets to pick what we do together for the whole day. December was his month to pick what we would do and it just so happen to fall on the day he wanted to propose. On that morning he asked if I would like to have breakfast at Cracker Barrel knowing it was my favorite place to eat! As we are eating at Cracker Barrel, he says he would like for us to go over to his parent’s new house. I had been there once before but never inside. So I said ok but asked what else we would do for the rest of our date day. He continued with saying we could rent the new Minions movie and have a Sushi night! I told him I would rather not rent the Minions movie because little did he know I had already gotten that for him for Christmas. We finished our meal and headed home to pick our dog Sam up to take over to his parents.

We got to his parents and I was greeted by a new puppy they had just gotten! His mom showed me the house and pictures on their camera , and she told me she was planning on making a scrapbook of before and after pictures. I found out later that was just a cover up for her randomly taking pictures of us before Jake proposed. We had been there for a while and I was ready to go because I wanted to finish our date day, but Jake said we couldn’t leave. I thought he was being rude and just didn’t want to have to do anything else for our date day. So I said fine and walked back into the house while he stayed outside to help his dad in a barn they’re redoing. After I was done pouting in the house (ha) I came outside to see the progress.

Jake said before we could leave he wanted to put Sam in the house so he could hide a few deer antlers in the yard for him to find since that’s what he’s been training him to do. I said okay and started heading into the house when he “acts mad” saying I NEVER do anything with him! He then asked if I would walk around with him while he puts the antlers in the yard. We put one in the front yard and made our way to the backyard. Jake said he wanted to put a few antlers down at the pond down there so I stood at the top of the hill forgetting that earlier in the day I had asked to go down there. He stopped walking, turned around to me and said, “Well don’t you want to come down to the water with me?” Of course I said, “Oh yeah!”

We walked down to the pond, and Jake put one down. He asked if I would take the other one he had in his hand around to the other side. With attitude, I said, “Sure if you want me to,” as I was thinking, “Stop being lazy and do it yourself !” Ha! He handed it to me and I took a few steps before he stopped me and said, “That’s a really special one because it was the first one I ever found, so put it somewhere good.” I responded with, “Okay, I got it,” and kept walking. He stopped me again and said,” But really Shanise it’s special. Look at it and make sure it’s okay” I was about to take one more step away from him when I looked down at the antler and saw the words”MARRY ME?”

Jake asked Shanise to go hide this antler for their dog Sam to find.

Jake asked Shanise to go hide this antler for their dog Sam to find.

At that moment I felt like everything was moving in slow motion. I turned to see him down on one knee. All I remember is saying “No way…really!?!…YES” He claims, though, that is said, “Stop it,” but I don’t recall that ­čÖé

This was taken by Jake's mom just before Shanise read what was on the antlers.

This was taken by Jake’s mom just before Shanise read what was on the antlers.

After reading "Marry Me?" on the antlers, Shanise turned to find Jake down on one knee.

After reading “Marry Me?” on the antlers, Shanise turned to find Jake down on one knee.

She said, "Yes!"

She said, “Yes!”

They were soon greeted by their dog Sam.

They were soon greeted by their dog Sam.


Shanise's one-of-a-kind ring.

Shanise’s one-of-a-kind ring.

His mom was standing on the hill capturing every moment which I found out after his dad let Sam out of the house, and he came running down to us! From the moment I read ” MARRY ME” to Sam running down the hill, I was only focused on Jake. There could have been rainbow unicorns flying around us during that moment and I would have never known. We spent the rest of the afternoon with family then made our way back to Jake’s house. We ended what was the most excited day of our lives with a cup of hot chocolate and a round of Mario Kart.”

I am so excited to get the planning underway! Congratulations to my best friend and sister and my soon-to-be brother-in-law!